Irregular Verbs


List of Spanish Irregular Verbs

acentuar (to stress/ to accent)

decir (to say)

intervenir (to take part)

abrazar (to embrace)

decrecer (to decrease)

invertir (to reverse/ to invert)

abstenerse (to abstain)

defender (to defend)

ir (to go)

acoger (to welcome/ take in)

derruir (to demolish)

justificar (to justify)

acordar  (hacer algo) (to agree to)

desandar (to go back over)

juzgar (to judge)

acostarse (to go to bed)

desaprobar (to disapprove of)

lanzar (to throw/ hurl/ launch/ heave)

actuar (to act)

descender (to go down)

lanzar (to throw/ to fling)

adelgazar (to lose weight)

descontar (to deduct)

liar (to tie up/ to wrap/ to roll)

agradecer (to thank)

deshacer (to undo/ to unpack)

llegar (to arrive)

agregar (to add)

despertar (to wake/ to arouse)

llover (to rain)

agriar (to turn sour)

destituir (to dismiss)

madrugar (to get up early)

aguar (to water down)

destruir (to destroy/ to wreck)

maltraer (to maltreat)

alcanzar (to reach)

desvariar (to be delirious)

marcar (to mark)

alentar (to encourage)

detener (to arrest/ to stop)

mascar (to chew)

alzar (to lift/ raise/ hoist)

devenir en (to become/ to turn into)

mascar (to chew)

amanecer (to dawn)

devolver algo (give something back)

memorizar (to memorize)

amordazar (to gag/ muzzle)

digerir (to digest/ to assimilate)

mentar (to mention)

analizar (to analyze)

diluir (to dilute)

mentir (to lie)

andar (to walk)

disminuir (to reduce/ to decrease)

morder (to bite/ to eat into)

apaciguar (to calm down)

disolver (to dissolve/ to break up)

morir (to die)

apagar (to put out/ to put off)

distraer (to amuse/ to entertain)

mostrar (to show)

aparcar (to park/ to shelf)

distribuir (to distribute)

obtener (to get/ to win)

aparecer (to appear/ show up)

divertir (to entertain/ to amuse)

oír (to hear)

aprobar (to approve)

doler (to hurt)

pedir (to ask for/ to order)

atender (to attend to)

dormir (to put to bed)

pensar (to think)

aterrizar (to land)

dormirse (to go to bed)

perder (to lose)

aterrorizar (to terrorize)

edificar (to build)

perpetuar (to perpetuate)

atestiguar (to testify to)

electrificar (to electrify)

picar (to bite)

averiguar (to find out)

empezar (to begin/ to start)

platicar (to chat)

blocar (to block)

encender (to light/ to inflame)

poder (to be able to)

caer (to fall)

encerrar (to shut up/ to shut in)

preferir (to prefer)

calentar (to heat up/ to warm up)

encoger (to shrink)

prevaler (to prevail)

castigar (to punish)

encontrar (to find/ to encounter)

prevenir (to prevent)

cazar (to hunt)

engrosar (to swell)

provenir de (to come from)

certificar (to confirm)

enviar (to send)

provocar (to incite)

chocar (to crash)

envolver (to wrap up/ to wind)

punzar (to prick/ to stab)

civilizar (to civilize)

escoger (to choose)

quebrar (to break)

clarificar (to clarify)

espiar (to spy on)

querer (to want)

coger (to take)

esquiar (to ski)

recaer (to relapse)

comenzar (to start/ to begin)

estar (to be )

recoger (to pick up)

compareceer (to appear)

expedir (to send/ to dispatch)

reconstruir (to rebuild)

complicar (to complicate)

explicar (to explain)

recordar (to remember)

conceptuar (to consider/ to judge)

extender (to stretch out)

referir (to tell/ recount)

concordar (to agree/ to reconcile)

extenuar (to exhaust/ to drain)

refrescar (to refresh/ to chill)

confesar (to confess)

extraer (to extract)

rehacer (to do again/ to rebuild)

confiar (to confide)

fabricar (to manufacture/ to build)

rehuir (to avoid)

confluir (to converge/ to meet)

falsificar (to forge)

rozar (to rub/ to brush/ to graze)

conocer (to know)

fatigar (to tire/ to weary)

saber (to know)

consentir (to allow/ to permit)

fluir (to flow)

sacar (to take out)

construir (to build/ manufacture)

fotografiar (to take a photograph)

salir (to go out)

contar (to count/ to tell)

fraguar (to forge)

satisfacer (to satisfy/ to quench)

contener (to contain/ to restrain)

generalizar (to spread/ generalize)

sentar (to sit/ to seat)

continuar (to continue)

gozar (to enjoy)

sostener (to support)

contraer (to contract/ to acquire)

hacer (to do/ to make)

suplicar (to plead)

contribuir (to contribute)

halagar (to flatter)

tocar (to touch)

convenir (to be suitable)

henchir (to fill/ to fill up)

traer (to bring)

costar (to cost)

hervir (to boil)

tragar (to swallow)

cotizar (to quote/ to price)

impedir (to prevent)

tronar (to thundar)

crecer (to grow)

incluir (to include)

unificar (to unite)

criar (to breed)

influir (to influence)

utilizar (to use)

cualificar (to qualify)

insinuar (to insinuate)

valer (to value)

dar (to give)

intensificar (to intensify)