Regular Verbs


List of Spanish Regular Verbs

abrir (to open)

descubrir (to discover)

omitir (to omit)

admitir (to admit)

desear (to desire)

pagar (to pay for)

alquilar (to rent)

discutir (to discuss)

partir (to divide)

amar (to love)

enseñar (to teach)

permitir (to permit)

andar (to walk)

entrar (en) (to enter (into))

poseer (to possess, to own)

aprender (to learn)

enviar (to send)

practicar (to practice)

asistir a (to attend)

esconder (to hide)

preguntar (to ask)

ayudar (to help)

escribir (to write)

preparer (to prepare)

bailar (to dance)

escuchar (to listen to)

prometer (to promise)

beber (to drink)

esperar (to hope, to wait for)

recibir (to receive)

buscar (to look for)

estudiar (to study)

regresar (to return)

caminar (to walk)

existir (to exist)

romper (to break)

cantar (to sing)

firmar (to sign)

saludar (to greet)

cocinar (to cook)

ganar (to win, earn)

subir (to climb, to go up)

comer (to eat)

gastar  (to spend money)

sufrir (to suffer)

comprar (to buy)

hablar(to speak, to talk)

temer (to fear)

comprender (to understand)

lavar (to wash)

tocar (to touch, to play an instrument)

contester (to answer)

leer (to read)

tomar (to take, to drink)

correr (to run)

llegar (to arrive)

trabajar (to work)

creer (to believe)

llevar (to wear, to carry)

unir (to unite)

cubrir (to cover)

mandar (to order)

vender (to sell)

deber (to have to, to owe)

meter en (to put into)

viajar (to travel)

decidir (to decide)

mirar (to watch, to look at)

visitor (to visit )

dejar (to allow, to leave)

necesitar (to need)

vivir (to live )

describir (to describe)

olvidar (to forget)