Spain & Latin America

Future Tense

The future tense is used to tell what “will” happen, or what “shall” happen. But, the future tense is
not used to express a willingness to do something. For this, use the verb “querer.” The future tense is also
used to express wonder or probability in the present state.

Futuro (Ar,Er y IR)

Singular   Plural  
You é Nosotros/Nosotras emos
as Vosotros/Vosotras* éis
él,Ella,Usted a Ellos,Ellas,Ustedes an

Verbo Irregulares ( Futuro)

Irregular verbs in the future tense use the same endings as regular verbs,
but the infinitive stem changes.

  1. Caber Cabr
  2. Poner Pondr
  3. Decir Dir
  4. Haber Habr
  5. Salir Saldr
  6. Poder Podr
  7. Tener Tendr
  8. Querer Querr
  9. Valer Valdr
  10. Saber Sabr
  11. Venir Vendr