Spain & Latin America

Profe Robinson

Dear student and Parent or Guardian, my name is Mr. Robinson and I will be your child’s Spanish II teacher
this year. I’m very excited your child has chosen to pursue their interest in the Spanish language. I’m
looking forward to getting to know you and your child. Let’s work together to make this a great year!

What you will be learning:

Emphasis will be on vocabulary building and achieving greater facility in speaking. As grammar is an
integral part of the language and necessary for good communication, advanced concept of grammar will
be taught.


This course will cover various topics on the New York State checklist for the foreign language during the
year as well as the Common Core State Standards. Topics that will be included: home, family, sports,
tourism and travel. Students will work on the development of the four basics skills of foreign language:
listening, speaking, reading and writing. Immersion and practice it is extremely important for students to
make every effort to speak Spanish in class.


Throughout the course, we will be experiencing the Spanish language and culture through music, art and