Spain & Latin America

Irregular Verbs

List of Spanish Irregular Verbs

acentuar (to stress/ to accent) decir (to say) intervenir (to take part)
abrazar (to embrace) decrecer (to decrease) invertir (to reverse/ to invert)
abstenerse (to abstain) defender (to defend) ir (to go)
acoger (to welcome/ take in) derruir (to demolish) justificar (to justify)
acordar  (hacer algo) (to agree to) desandar (to go back over) juzgar (to judge)
acostarse (to go to bed) desaprobar (to disapprove of) lanzar (to throw/ hurl/ launch/ heave)
actuar (to act) descender (to go down) lanzar (to throw/ to fling)
adelgazar (to lose weight) descontar (to deduct) liar (to tie up/ to wrap/ to roll)
agradecer (to thank) deshacer (to undo/ to unpack) llegar (to arrive)
agregar (to add) despertar (to wake/ to arouse) llover (to rain)
agriar (to turn sour) destituir (to dismiss) madrugar (to get up early)
aguar (to water down) destruir (to destroy/ to wreck) maltraer (to maltreat)
alcanzar (to reach) desvariar (to be delirious) marcar (to mark)
alentar (to encourage) detener (to arrest/ to stop) mascar (to chew)
alzar (to lift/ raise/ hoist) devenir en (to become/ to turn into) mascar (to chew)
amanecer (to dawn) devolver algo (give something back) memorizar (to memorize)
amordazar (to gag/ muzzle) digerir (to digest/ to assimilate) mentar (to mention)
analizar (to analyze) diluir (to dilute) mentir (to lie)
andar (to walk) disminuir (to reduce/ to decrease) morder (to bite/ to eat into)
apaciguar (to calm down) disolver (to dissolve/ to break up) morir (to die)
apagar (to put out/ to put off) distraer (to amuse/ to entertain) mostrar (to show)
aparcar (to park/ to shelf) distribuir (to distribute) obtener (to get/ to win)
aparecer (to appear/ show up) divertir (to entertain/ to amuse) oír (to hear)
aprobar (to approve) doler (to hurt) pedir (to ask for/ to order)
atender (to attend to) dormir (to put to bed) pensar (to think)
aterrizar (to land) dormirse (to go to bed) perder (to lose)
aterrorizar (to terrorize) edificar (to build) perpetuar (to perpetuate)
atestiguar (to testify to) electrificar (to electrify) picar (to bite)
averiguar (to find out) empezar (to begin/ to start) platicar (to chat)
blocar (to block) encender (to light/ to inflame) poder (to be able to)
caer (to fall) encerrar (to shut up/ to shut in) preferir (to prefer)
calentar (to heat up/ to warm up) encoger (to shrink) prevaler (to prevail)
castigar (to punish) encontrar (to find/ to encounter) prevenir (to prevent)
cazar (to hunt) engrosar (to swell) provenir de (to come from)
certificar (to confirm) enviar (to send) provocar (to incite)
chocar (to crash) envolver (to wrap up/ to wind) punzar (to prick/ to stab)
civilizar (to civilize) escoger (to choose) quebrar (to break)
clarificar (to clarify) espiar (to spy on) querer (to want)
coger (to take) esquiar (to ski) recaer (to relapse)
comenzar (to start/ to begin) estar (to be ) recoger (to pick up)
compareceer (to appear) expedir (to send/ to dispatch) reconstruir (to rebuild)
complicar (to complicate) explicar (to explain) recordar (to remember)
conceptuar (to consider/ to judge) extender (to stretch out) referir (to tell/ recount)
concordar (to agree/ to reconcile) extenuar (to exhaust/ to drain) refrescar (to refresh/ to chill)
confesar (to confess) extraer (to extract) rehacer (to do again/ to rebuild)
confiar (to confide) fabricar (to manufacture/ to build) rehuir (to avoid)
confluir (to converge/ to meet) falsificar (to forge) rozar (to rub/ to brush/ to graze)
conocer (to know) fatigar (to tire/ to weary) saber (to know)
consentir (to allow/ to permit) fluir (to flow) sacar (to take out)
construir (to build/ manufacture) fotografiar (to take a photograph) salir (to go out)
contar (to count/ to tell) fraguar (to forge) satisfacer (to satisfy/ to quench)
contener (to contain/ to restrain) generalizar (to spread/ generalize) sentar (to sit/ to seat)
continuar (to continue) gozar (to enjoy) sostener (to support)
contraer (to contract/ to acquire) hacer (to do/ to make) suplicar (to plead)
contribuir (to contribute) halagar (to flatter) tocar (to touch)
convenir (to be suitable) henchir (to fill/ to fill up) traer (to bring)
costar (to cost) hervir (to boil) tragar (to swallow)
cotizar (to quote/ to price) impedir (to prevent) tronar (to thundar)
crecer (to grow) incluir (to include) unificar (to unite)
criar (to breed) influir (to influence) utilizar (to use)
cualificar (to qualify) insinuar (to insinuate) valer (to value)
dar (to give) intensificar (to intensify)