Spain & Latin America

Regular Verbs

List of Spanish Regular Verbs

abrir (to open) descubrir (to discover) omitir (to omit)
admitir (to admit) desear (to desire) pagar (to pay for)
alquilar (to rent) discutir (to discuss) partir (to divide)
amar (to love) enseñar (to teach) permitir (to permit)
andar (to walk) entrar (en) (to enter (into)) poseer (to possess, to own)
aprender (to learn) enviar (to send) practicar (to practice)
asistir a (to attend) esconder (to hide) preguntar (to ask)
ayudar (to help) escribir (to write) preparer (to prepare)
bailar (to dance) escuchar (to listen to) prometer (to promise)
beber (to drink) esperar (to hope, to wait for) recibir (to receive)
buscar (to look for) estudiar (to study) regresar (to return)
caminar (to walk) existir (to exist) romper (to break)
cantar (to sing) firmar (to sign) saludar (to greet)
cocinar (to cook) ganar (to win, earn) subir (to climb, to go up)
comer (to eat) gastar  (to spend money) sufrir (to suffer)
comprar (to buy) hablar(to speak, to talk) temer (to fear)
comprender (to understand) lavar (to wash) tocar (to touch, to play an instrument)
contester (to answer) leer (to read) tomar (to take, to drink)
correr (to run) llegar (to arrive) trabajar (to work)
creer (to believe) llevar (to wear, to carry) unir (to unite)
cubrir (to cover) mandar (to order) vender (to sell)
deber (to have to, to owe) meter en (to put into) viajar (to travel)
decidir (to decide) mirar (to watch, to look at) visitor (to visit )
dejar (to allow, to leave) necesitar (to need) vivir (to live )
describir (to describe) olvidar (to forget)