Spain & Latin America



It’s been said that to respect someone, you must listen to what they say. This holds just as true when trying to learn a new language. Learning how to listen effectively can be a great tool on the road to attaining your desired level of fluency. At Spanish Fun Online, we will teach you. . .

  • How to carry on detailed interactions in commercial settings. This includes how to buy something, ask where something is, and how to order food at a restaurant. Additionally, we will show you how to both answer and ask relevant questions.
  • How to start, maintain, and end simple face-to-face conversations on familiar topics. Spanish Fun Online will help you survive the typical dinner, gathering, or business meeting.
  • How to understand the meaning of a short, clearly-spoken, radio or TV clip. This will be where listening truly comes in handy. Spanish Fun Online can supply the skills you need to feel comfortable watching a commercial, or television show.
  • How to give or seek personal opinions in informal settings. When learning a new language, it can be difficult to understand the proper how to politely state your opinion. Spanish Fun Online will teach you how.
  • How to Describe Past Activities and Events: You’ll pick up the vocabulary you need to describe what happened yesterday, a month ago, and last year.
  • How to Request and Give Directions: Spanish Fun Online promotes skills to help you get around town. Learn how to differentiate your left from your right.
  • How to Guess At the Meaning of Unfamiliar Words: We’ll teach you how to use syntax to your advantage when it comes to strange vocabulary.


Whether online, in the newspaper, or in the pages of a book, a lot of communication happens in writing. Spanish Fun Online will teach you:

  • How to write about events and experiences. Whether real or fictional, we’ll walk you through how to craft understandable descriptions of specific occurrences.
  • How to skim written texts. Spanish Fun Online will assist you in learning how to pick out the key facts and information from books, blogs, and newspaper articles.
  • How to understand the plot of a clearly-structured narrative. Working with us should give you the ability to identify the key plot points and elements of a well-written story.


To lend context to the written and spoken word, we work to provide you with an awareness of Spanish culture. You’ll come to know and understand things such as:

  • The wide-range of diversity in the Spanish-speaking world: This includes learning food vocabulary and different currency types, identifying different accents, famous people, and forms of address (i.e. Vos vs. tu), coming to know the difference between various Latin cultures, and understanding how the Spanish view time and space.
  • The Historical Events and Civilizations that Influenced the Spanish-speaking world: Be aware of how peoples like the Mayas, Incas, and Aztecs affected the modern world and understand where and how world events impacted the Spanish-speaking world.